Rust Unleashed: Harnessing the Power of a Modern Systems Language and its scenario

Adarsha Regmi
2 min readNov 30, 2023



Mozilla developed language that is concerned in safety, performance, and concurrency. It was designed to overcome issues of C, C++ related to memory safety bugs such as null pointer dereferencing and buffer overflows.

Other reasons::

>> unique approach to memory management

>>uses ownership, borrowing and lifetimes for better performance

Some of the highlighting Featuers::

  1. Concurrency

Rust dont worry handles it smoothly using its threads, message passing and elegant async/await syntax unlike other languages.

2. Cargo and crates

Cargo, the package manager is rich ecosystem of crates [packages].

3.Error Handling

‘Result’ and ‘Option’ are used for error handling to the intricacies of pattern matching.

Real world impact and Future Outlook:

Rust is not only theoretical marvel but also its generating the flames in the industry. As a fact it can be used from development to system programming, it have a huge potential for coming years.

Some projects build on RUST::

Most of the use cases include projects with embedded systems and more are diving to utilize its significance but the cost it holds due to longer period of coding requirement is quite high.

There are a lot of developers not willing to switch to RUST environment due to lack of support, smaller community size and requirement of consistency. However, I believe its good to invent a wheel rather than becoming a LLM’s client.