Pytorch part 2


Similar to numpy where exist multi-dimensional array, the pytorch tensorflow are build up of tensors.


  • They are same as numpy arrays except that they have flexibility to run in GPU.

Types of

  1. FloatTensor: 32-bit float
  2. DoubleTensor: 64-bit float
  3. HalfTensor: 16-bit float
  4. IntTensor: 32-bit int
  5. LongTensor: 64-bit int
tensor vs nd array

some basic functions

  • torch.add()
  • torch.sub()
  • <matrix multiplication>
  • torch.div()
  • torch.t()
  • a.reshape()

# converting the numpy array to tensor

  • tensor = torch.from_numpy(a)

In next section lets discuss more about the common pytorch Modules… part 3 .



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