Python interview questions to know it must.

what is OOP ?

why Python over other famous languages?

What is method resolution order ?

If you feel confident about these and similar type of theoretical things, I think you are one step forward than others you aren't.

Let’s go to technical side. Since python is moreover famous for efficient code writing , I have been checked mostly with the ability to use things like list comprehensions, lambda functions, sorting along lambda functions for key mapping, map function and similarly the reduce function.

After you are skilled with these common things you need to maintain a level of Sql knowledge where you should be able to demonstrate the things that can be queried with SQL. Since Till now mostly sQL is used no need to worry for NoSQL inspite of some cases. You are mostly asked questions like order of

SELECT column_name(s) 
FROM table_name
WHERE condition
GROUP BY column_name(s)
HAVING condition
ORDER BY column_name(s);



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