Deep Belief Network

  • A deep belief network is the deep model architecture that has the composition of both the unsupervised and supervised learning.
DBN architecture
  • What is a Boltzmann Machine?
  • Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  • Deep Belief Network
  1. Boltzmann Machine
two layers of RBM
forward pass

Contrastive Divergence (CD)

Since the process is longer, CD is used. At first visible nodes are initialized, then using the probability equation hidden nodes are calculated.

3. Deep Belief Network

DBN is the architecture build of stacked RBMs. DBN performs non-linear transformation on input vectors and output vectors are used as a input to next RBM. Being a generative model allows DBNs to be used in either an unsupervised or a supervised setting.

  • Image Classification
  • Motion capture
  • video-recognition
  • Image Generation



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