Apache Cassandra

Adarsha Regmi
1 min readMar 31, 2022

Getting started with cassandra NOSQL

* Cassandra NOSQL

Cassandra is the leading open-source NoSQL distributed database management system(DBMS). In contrast to traditional SQL DBMS like Oracle or SQL Server, NoSQL databases follow a different storage model. While in SQL systems data is organized in tables and columns that are driven from fixed schemas, in Cassandra a fixed schema is not enforced, a dynamic number of columns within the same table(or column-family as a table is often called within Cassandra) is allowed as well as being able to handle and store unstructured data. In addition to the above, the language which is used to interact with Cassandra is a variant (and subset) of the traditional SQL, called Cassandra Query Language(CQL).

** setting up Cassandra

It is a open source DBMS. You can download Cassandra officially from its own site. Before installing the DBMS, have java 8 and python >2.7 installed in your pc. Install the tar.gz extension file for Cassandra (this link). Unzip the tar file .

setup the cassandra in environment variable.

first place the cassandra unzipped in C drive .

2. go to advanced option setting . add a new variable

name >> CASSANDRA_HOME path >> ..C/cassandra…(path for cassandra) ~ C:\Cassandra\apache-cassandra-4.0.3set path .. 
click in path and add new path similar to ~

Now the cassandra is adjusted and can be accessed via terminal using

cassandra# the terminal can be accessed using